Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Liberia Women fighting for Peace

Below is a link to a 20 minute video, "Liberia Women fighting for Peace," produced by Amnesty International. Several women narrate their different experiences during the civil war and their trajectories to rehabilitation, restoration and peace after the war.

Please click here.

For peace,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Calling all Composers/Songwriters in Ghana: Music Competition!


The Competition: Music is a significant part of the everyday lives of people across age, class, religion, and ethnicity. Musicians are powerful conveyors of ideas and ideologies through their lyrical and verbal pronouncements. The lyrics of songs are repeated in everyday conversations and find their way into explanations on women's intrinsic “nature” and pronouncements on how gender relations do, or should occur. Often songs even justify negative stereotypes or the unjust treatment of women. Musicians, music producers, DJs, and researchers agree that musicians can transform popular culture in positive ways. Thus, CEGENSA is looking for an empowering song that portrays women, aspects of women's lives, or gender relations in positive and empowering ways.

Who can enter? Professional or amateur musicians and song writers who are Ghanaians or resident in Ghana. A team made up of singer(s), songwriter(s) and musicians can enter but the team can only enter ONE song.

What should you enter? An empowering song that portrays women, aspects of women's lives, or gender relations in positive or empowering ways, AND which can capture the popular imagination. Each individual/team can enter only one song. Songs which have already been recorded are not eligible for entry; however, adaptations of existing songs may be entered if all copyright issues have been addressed. Entries must include the song in audio format together with the lyrics in text format. Songs should be a MAXIMUM of five (5) minutes and may be in any Ghanaian language or in English.

How to enter? Submit a song as a music file with accompanying lyrics (a) via email as an audio file plus accompanying lyrics as a text attachment; OR (b) to our offices on DVD/CD (audio) with accompanying text in hard copy. All entries must include name(s) and contact details (phone, e-mail address) of the participant(s), and the title of the song. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please note that THERE IS NO APPLICATION FEE!

Where to submit? (a) Email: minapeggy@yahoo.com
(b) Hard copy: Offices of CEGENSA, University of Ghana
(Old African Studies Old Building).
Closing Date? Entries must be received by Thursday July 16, 2009

All songs will be assessed by a team of judges whose decision shall be final. The winning song will receive advertising coverage in the print and electronic media and be launched at a public event in August. CEGENSA will also seek support for the creation of a music video for the winning song. All songs or other creative productions (e.g video) will remain the intellectual property of the artiste(s) although CEGENSA reserves the right to refer to and share these works for academic and intellectual pursuits.

For further enquiries contact Nana Dansowaa: minapeggy@yahoo.com/ 020 589 9981

Click here to read more about CEGENSA. You can also click here to read more about Pathways of Women's Empowerment.