Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anglican Church endorses ordination of Women

Anglican Church endorses ordination of Women
The Ghanaian Times, Wednesday, June 24, 2009 (Regional News) Page 22
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The Anglican Church, Ghana on Sunday made history when the 20th synod, the highest decision making body of the mission, resolved to consecrate women as priests. Until this decision, which was laid before the synod about 10 years ago, women could only serve as “chalices” (that is, administer wine during communion).

The Anglican Church now allows the ordination of women as priests.

Moreover, a tribunal in Australia ruled that there was nothing in the church’s constitution that prevents the consecration of a woman priest. The rule made reference to the law of the Church of England Clarification Canon 1992 that paved the way in 2007 for the ordination of women as priests in the Anglican mission.

Most Reverend Dr Justice Ofei Akrofi, Provincial Archbishop of West Africa, said, “Women will now be ordained as members of the priesthood.”

He urged members to contribute towards the construction of a laboratory and equipment for the Anglican University College of Technology.

He said the church’s retreat centre at Ashaley-Botwe needed a hostel and again appealed to members to contribute towards that project.

Most Rev. Dr Akrofi said the church would do whatever possible top assist government in its dreams for the good of all Ghanaians.

He said the Anglican Church would educate its members especially those that sell on the street to find alternative ways of selling their items other than on the streets. “We’ll do whatever possible to encourage members of my church to vacate the streets,” he said.

He told the youth to invest their time productively and urged parents to have time for their children. “Parents share productive times and life with your children at home regularly,” he entreated.

The synod inducted into office Mrs Sabina Ofori Boateng, a legal practitioner as Chancellor for the Accra Diocese, Mr Bliss Nii Amartey as the Registrar of the Diocese and Mr Ebo Selby as the Assistant Registrar.

The role of the Chancellor is to advise the Bishop, synod, committees and boards of the Diocese, while the registrar is responsible for all documentations relating to the ordinations of the clergy and licensing of readers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gov’t Plans to develop Women politicians- Minister

Gov’t Plans to develop Women politicians- Minister
The Ghanaian Times, Monday, June 23, 2009 (Politics) Page 12
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Ms Akua Sena Dansua, Minister of Women and Children’s Affairs, says /said the government plans to raise 20 women in every district to sharpen their interest for parliamentary contest and other political appointments.

“No one is born a politician. All politicians go through training, sometimes insults and many hard times to be where they are, so women must be ready to strive for that,” she said.

The Minister said this at a rally organized in Accra by the Evangelical Presbyterian (E.P.) Church, Ghana, a women’s rally in aid of food processing and a resource centre.
“Women cannot stand aloof, look on and expect breakthroughs in their political, economic and social emancipation,” she said.

She said one of the reasons why President Atta Mills could not appoint many women to ministerial positions, as expected, was the fact that the number of women in parliament were very few.

She said women must be resourceful and earn incomes to the home to assist their husbands. “We cannot stand and stare and expect spiritual and physical development,” she said adding, “We must work hard and develop along with the men.”

She said that some women invested their resources on funeral cloth and neglected their children while others followed wealth inordinately. “Spend your resources to educate your children,” she said, pointing out that investing in the educations of children was a long-term investment, which would yield dividends later.

Ms Dansua called for the revival of the old order where biological parents were not the only one responsible for the general upkeep of their children but also all adults in the community, especially when the parents were not around. “Take interest in other people’s children because the children are the property of the state and the community,” she said.

Mrs. Dzifa Attivor, Deputy Minister for Transport, said though the recent increase in prices of petroleum products affects all Ghanaians it would generate revenue to develop the country.
Rev. Mrs. Nyuieme Adiepena, Women’s Coordinator of the E.P. Church, said everyone must make the effort to take a child from (off) the street.

She said it was very pathetic that it was not only children that found haven in the street and also mothers and children. “Show love to all manner of people especially those that are not relatives, tribesmen or friends for in this unity we empower ourselves,” she said.