Thursday, January 10, 2008

Choose women as running mates

Choose women as running mates

The Ghanaian Times, Thursday, January 10, 2008. Page 12 (Political News & Views)

Winston Tamakloe, Ho

The Assembly member for Borsontoe electoral area in the Ho Municipality, Joycelyn Akorfa Ochlich, has urged presidential candidates for the 2008 elections to seriously consider females as their running mates.

She said, “it is not to late to take this necessary step to guarantee victory for democracy, good governance, rule of law and make women in Ghana proud,” adding “There are qualified women all over Ghana who are willing and waiting to be given the chance to occupy that high office.”

Speaking to the Times at Ho at the weekend, Mrs. Ochlich noted that a number of countries had taken the initiative to elect women as presidents and wondered why after 50 years, Ghana should not be able to have a female vice-president so that presidency would be seen as the exclusive right of men.

Asked whether the affirmative action initiative was not working enough to enable women to climb higher the political ladder, she replied in the negative but was quick to add that “2008 should be the year to implement a time-bound affirmative action initiative to enable women to attain higher positions to ensure equitable positioning in higher offices.”

“We constitute 51 percent of the population and well educated like our male counterparts but lack of time bound affirmative action initiative is stalling our growth and occupation of higher political positions in Ghana and it is therefore prudent for all credible political parties to choose a woman as running mate in the forthcoming 2008 elections,” she stressed.

Mrs. Ochlich pointed out that women also had the power to vote men in and out of power since they outnumbered them, arguing that if given the chance, women could persuade men to take right decisions in their interest.

In answer to whether women as assembly members, district chief executives, and minister were not enough, she disagreed and indicated that women had contributed enough to the development of the nation and deserve to be nominated to the position of vie-president of the country.

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